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25 January 2018


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Blockade Games is a video game development company led by Marguerite deCourcelle, AKA “@coin_artist.” The team has produced some of the longest-running experiences blending blockchain with interactive entertainment. From Plasma Bears to the Pineapple Arcade to the upcoming flagship title, Neon District, their games incorporate crypto-assets in a way that pulls together today’s largest communities of players in the blockchain space. And now, Marguerite and the team are tightly focused on enthralling mainstream gamers. Blockade Games consistently pushes the boundaries of how decentralized technologies can reinvent traditional gaming experiences. Come join our revolution.


Early History

Marguerite deCourcelle has built a brand within the Bitcoin community under a long list of blockchain art and puzzle challenges. She is credited with creating the genre now known as "cryptopuzzles". Her most famous work is the "Torched H34R7S", sometimes referred to as "1Flamen", which received international publicity including BBC, Bloomberg, MIT Tech Review, NPR, IBTimes, Venturebeat, and Motherboard. Her second most famous piece was The "Dark Wallet Puzzle", which created the most popular thread on bitcointalk.org during that time. She has been recruited to build numerous cryptocurrency communities due to her growth hacking skills. Her work leveraging blockchain technology has inspired thousands of people to work cooperatively towards a shared goal. Marguerite is a ninja at the intersection of blockchain, art, and games. She recently launched a blockchain game studio, Blockade Games, which she feels is the natural next step in her career.

From Puzzles to Games

In January 2018 Marguerite launched Blockade Games Inc. In March 2018, the company released a site filled with puzzle games called Pineapple Arcade. Marguerite says even children should be able to solve puzzles for crypto prizes. In January 2019, the team launched Plasma Bears. In this game, players are able to trade parts of animated bears for Ether. The venture has gained some early momentum—Blockade raised $833,000 in a funding round late in 2018, valuing the company at $13 million. In Spring 2019, Blockade is launching Season Zero of their new title Neon District, a Final Fantasy inspired cyberpunk RPG. During the Founder's Sale for Season Zero, Blockade grossed $130,000 in just two weeks, and their in-game asset Baus sold for a massive 141 ETH at auction (equivalent to $22,500 at the time).

Player First

True to the company's origins in crypto puzzles that required solvers to collaborate, Blockade Games proactively includes their community in the development of their games. In developing Neon District, Blockade has opened up alpha testing through their Founders Program. As alpha playtesters of Neon District, participants in the Founders Program are included in community design competitions for in-game items, invited to engage on the private forum, and rewarded with rare in-game items for bug reports. Blockade is constantly looking for ways to involve their community in the creative process. While game studios never open up their games so early, Blockade trusts their Keyholders. Blockade Games is truly "Player First" at their core.


Neon District, Plasma Bears, Pineapple Arcade


Techstars Demo Day Pitch YouTube

Neon District Season Zero Extended Teaser YouTube

Neon District First Gameplay Demo YouTube

Art Lookbook

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Last updated December 16, 2019.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Judge's Vote Winner @ Chain Reaction Pitch Fest" - Boston, MA | May 9, 2019
  • "Alchemist Blockchain Techstars Accelerator" - New York City, NY | Feb–May 2019

Selected Articles

  • "The developers [of Neon District] recently hosted an auction for the ‘season zero’ boss known as Baus, which was sold for a remarkable 141 Ether – worth $22,500 at the time of the sale."
    - Jordan Heal, Yahoo Finance
  • "In honor of International Women's Day, we are paying tribute to Marguerite DeCourcelle, CEO and co-founder of Blockade Games and inventor of the cryptoart puzzle genre."
    - pixEOS Team, pixEOS
  • "Marguerite deCourcelle lives at the peculiar intersection of Bitcoin and art. Under the pseudonym @coin_artist, she’s credited with inventing the crypto-art puzzle, a genre of images hiding complicated ciphers that reward the first solver with a walletful of virtual currency."
    - Olga Kharif, Bloomberg

Season Zero: Baus Item Page on OpenSea
This is the OpenSea Item Page for the famous Neon District In-Game Item "Season Zero: Baus" which sold at auction for 141 ETH (equivalent to $22,500 at the time of sale).OpenSea is a marketplace for crypto collectibles where Baus was first auctioned. opensea.io.

An Open Letter to the Blockade Games Community [Founder's Sale]
Marguerite's background and journey into crypto, Blockade Games' origin story, and details about our Founder's Sale in Marguerite's own words. medium.com.

Executive Team

Marguerite deCourcelle aka "@coin_artist"
Founder & CEO

Benjamin Heidorn
Founder & CTO

Diego Rodriguez
Founder & Lead Artist

Andrea McGinty

Christopher Chapman
Executive Producer

Profiles of our Team Members