About Blockade Games

A free-to-play, easy to navigate blockchain experience that allows players to keep the value of their time and money investment.

Blockade Games is a video game development company led by Marguerite deCourcelle, AKA @coin_artist. The team has produced some of the longest-running experiences blending blockchain with interactive entertainment. From Plasma Bears to the Pineapple Arcade to the upcoming flagship title, Neon District, their games incorporate crypto-assets in a way that pulls together today’s largest communities of players in the blockchain space. And now, Marguerite and the team are tightly focused on enthralling mainstream gamers. Blockade Games consistently pushes the boundaries of how decentralized technologies can reinvent traditional gaming experiences.

Come join our revolution.

Our Games

Founding & Executive Team

Marguerite deCourcelle

CEO / Founder

Diego Rodriguez

Lead Artist / Founder

Ben Heidorn

CTO / Founder

Andrea McGinty


Chris Chapman

Executive Producer

Core Team & Advisors

Adrian Seeley

Development and Project Manager

Brendon Steele

Lead Unity Developer

Cody Hann


Craig Barnes

Sound Designer

Dave Smith

Lead Game Designer

Hardy Fowler

Digital Painter

Kyle Chivers

Motion Designer

Troy Salem

Research & Development

Chris LoVerme


Dave Hoover


Jason Jeon


Thomas Pacchia


Our Investors