About Blockade Games

If Blockade Games was formed 20 years ago, we would have been your typical "big ideas in a small garage" type start up. Instead, we’re a "big ideas on Twitter, Telegram, and Slack" type start up. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a gaming company based on decentralized technology also has a decentralized team. Our official home is in Austin, TX, though there’s a little bit of Blockade Games everywhere.

Blockade Games specializes in integrating blockchain and alternate reality components into puzzles and games to create experiences that transcend the digital world. Our first fully featured game, Neon District, is a crafting strategy RPG set in a tech-noir landscape. We will be one of the first projects to use Loom Network’s SDK to create a seamless gaming experience without compromising any of the benefits of creating blockchain assets. We are expecting to release our first version of the game in December 2018.

If that’s too long a wait, you can hop on over to the Pineapple Arcade where you’ll find vintage style arcade games with a crypto twist, hidden rooms and rabbit holes, with dozens of cryptographic puzzles featuring prizes in Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the arcade games, "Coiin Man" was commissioned to assist with the upcoming Coiin airdrop.

If your company is looking for a creative marketing solution, Blockade Games’ puzzle makers and game developers can work with you to create a unique and entertaining way to engage your audience.

Our Games

Our Team

Our founders have been making and solving cryptographic puzzles since Bitcoin's early days. Marguerite deCourcelle (coin_artist) needs little introduction for her puzzle, "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto." Since then it's been her dream to make blockchain puzzles and games a full time career.

Our Artist, Diego Rodriguez, entered the crypto scene after illustrating some of the first covers for Bitcoin Magazine. Since then, Marguerite and Diego have collaborated on several puzzles and art pieces, culminating in our living art game, Neon District.

Our Lead Developer, Ben Heidorn lives and breathes code, and fell deep into the crypto wormhole when solving a puzzle crafted by Zd3n and Charlie Lee in 2017. Ben has transitioned from solving puzzles to building them and is the mastermind behind the unsolved Neon District puzzle, boasting a private key holding 15 Ethereum.

Courtney Brock is the newest on the team to crypto, and manages the business operations for Blockade Games to make sure the artists and coders are free to do what they do best.

Chris Loverme is our ever patient and wise advisor. He’s also the founder of Space Pirate Games and Age of Rust, a blockchain game based on counterparty assets.

Open Employment Positions

Blockade Games is an indie studio with a focus on blockchain based video games. We are currently in production of Neon District, a cyberpunk RPG, with plans to release our MVP by December of this year. Blockade Games is officially located in Austin Texas, though all positions are work from home/remote.

Lead Game Server Engineer

Seeking an experienced server engineer to help architect, develop, and maintain the backend server for our upcoming turn-based RPG, Neon District. We have a small team of engineers working on the Unity, Blockchain, and Server development areas, and are looking for an experienced server and backend developer to lead server development and deployment. This is a temporary, full-time, contract position leading up to the Neon District MVP release with the potential of full-time employment after release.


  • Operate on a distributed development team with a high level of autonomy.
  • Collaborate with Unity Game Development and Blockchain teams to identify the ideal communication and application architectures to produce the game server backend
  • Architect, develop, and maintain a scalable and redundant asynchronous multiplayer turn-based game server backend
  • Architect, develop, and maintain background processes to monitor our custom Blockchain backend for events, and sign and issue transactions to the Blockchain
  • Lead the Server Development team, set goals and evaluate performance, review code and share findings and suggestions with other Development Team Leaders
  • Monitor, measure, and improve system stability and developer iteration time
  • Proactively identify and solve problems that affect the development team
  • Implement security best practices to keep user and system data secure
  • Iteratively apply and improve server deployment and troubleshooting strategies that maximize uptime and reduce overall load
  • Test thoroughly at every phase of development, ensuring quality remains high as the game evolves


  • 6+ years of software development experience
  • Strong Experience in Java, C#, C++, and / or C
  • Experience building client / server applications, with special consideration to application security and scalability, where the client is likely mobile (laptop, tablet, iOS or Android mobile phones)
  • Experience in designing, developing, and querying SQL databases
  • Comfortable with Linux / Unix systems and basic system administration
  • Knowledge of Networks, TCP/IP & UDP, Distributed Systems, Network and System Security
  • Enjoys working remotely and has strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Enjoys working on a small team and taking initiative
  • Google Protobuf experience a plus
  • Previous Team Leadership experience a huge plus
  • AAA or Indie game experience a huge plus
  • Blockchain applications or interface development a huge plus

To apply, please email your resume and Github account (or similar account to showcase examples of work) to Ben Heidorn at bheidorn - at - neondistrict.io