About Blockade Games

A free-to-play, easy to navigate blockchain experience that allows players to keep the value of their time and money investment.

If Blockade Games was formed 20 years ago, we would have been your typical "big ideas in a small garage" type start up. Instead, we’re a "big ideas on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord" type start up. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a gaming company based on decentralized technology also has a decentralized team, with members and contributors located all around the globe.

Blockade Games specializes in integrating blockchain and alternate reality components into puzzles and games to create experiences that transcend the digital world. Our first fully featured game, Neon District, is a crafting strategy RPG set in a tech-noir landscape. We will be one of the first projects to use Loom Network’s SDK to create a seamless gaming experience without compromising any of the benefits of creating blockchain assets. We are expecting to release the private alpha in May 2019.

If that’s too long a wait, you can check out Plasma Bears, our first mainstream collectible crafting and strategy game, which introduces our key formula of providing a friendly, invisible blockchain user experience. Further, you can hop on over to the Pineapple Arcade where you’ll find vintage style arcade games with a crypto twist, hidden rooms and rabbit holes, with dozens of cryptographic puzzles featuring prizes in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If your company is looking for a creative marketing solution, Blockade Games’ game developers and puzzle makers can work with you to create a unique and entertaining way to engage your audience.

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Our Team

Marguerite deCourcelle

CEO / Founder

Diego Rodriguez

Lead Artist / Founder

Ben Heidorn

CTO / Founder

Adrian Seeley

Development and Project Manager

Andrea McGinty

Director of Business Operations and Marketing

Brendon Steele

Lead Unity Developer

Chris Chapman

Executive Producer

Cody Hann


Craig Barnes

Sound Designer

Dave Plinq

Lead Game Designer

Hardy Fowler

Digital Painter

Kyle Chivers

Motion Designer

Troy Salem

Research & Development

Chris LoVerme


Dave Hoover


Jason Jeon


Thomas Pacchia


Our Investors